James Chesebro

Your Personal Gardener

Tom Egan of Tom Egan Interactive has been with our company for the last three years. Each year Tom has created a website that continues to improve upon itself in design and form. His websites are interactive, easy to navigate, and continue to be at the forefront of current designs being sought within relevant web design. Tom has also helped to create branding through his logo design which we still currently use and thoroughly enjoy today!

Dustin Bogle

Afterburn Personal Training

I always tried to design a website on my own or find some local kid that was good with computers to put something together for my business. I was NEVER happy with my website and ran into problem after problem. I finally got sick of all the time and money lost into trying to figure out web design and decided to hire a professional. Tom took my vision of a website and turned it into a beautiful reality. I'm no longer ashamed to send people to my website and I can't tell you how much smoother my business is running. I would recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for quick, creative and professional work.

Vicki Kopplin

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

Tom Egan Interactive is a top notch design firm that provides quality brand design and logo work. I found Tom to be responsive to input and quick with his concepts and designs. We had several designers working on this project, and Tom’s designs ranked right at the top with the others. I would definitely work with Tom Egan Interactive again in the future.